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Soldier Creek



Common Name
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Total number collected
(all years, shell condition combined)
Conservation status
(if none, blank)
 Creeper  24  SINC
 Threeridge  23  
 Wabash Pigtoe  19  SINC
 Pondhorn  18  
 Giant Floater  12  
 Mapleleaf  11  
 White Heelsplitter  10  
 Pimpleback   7  
 Liliput   6  
 Fatmucket   5  SINC
 Fragile Papershell   5  
 Pink Papershell   5  
 Plain Pocketbook   2  
 Asian Clam   1  Exotic
 Pink Heelsplitter   1  
 Pistolgrip   1  
 Unknown Quadrula   1  

Mussel collection data courtesy of Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). We would like to thank Steve Cringan and Clint Goodrich for their assistance.