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Black Sandshell

Ligumia recta

Extirpated from the Kansas River basin

Formerly widespread and locally abundant in eastern two thirds of Kansas River basin.*

Left: female Black Sandshell.

* Comments on Kansas River species provided by Steve Cringan, based in part on observations in: Angelo, R.T., M.S.Cringan, E.Hays, C.A.Goodrich, E.J.Miller, M.A.VanScoyoc, B.R.Simmons. 2009. Historical Changes in the Occurrence and Distribution of Freshwater Mussels in Kansas, Great Plains Research 19(1):89-126.

Data courtesy of Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). We would like to thank Steve Cringan and Clint Goodrich for their assistance. To the right is a specimen of a male Black Sandshell.